Spray Foam Insulation
Kelowna, BC

Spray Foam Insulation, Kelowna, BC

Eco Seal Spray Foam Insulation serves the Kelowna construction industry. Our vision is to provide the best service and products to available to create efficient and sustainable buildings. Founded by father and son, Eco Seal Kelowna aims to grow family style relationships in an industry where honesty and accountability are needed. 

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Heating and cooling costs continue to escalate. If homes from 50 years ago bore these energy costs, homeowners would have targeted better insulation methods. With every building code update, insulation values measured in R or RSI value are increased. These increases however are ineffective without an air seal. Eco Seal Kelowna’s closed cell Spray Foam Insulation had the air sealing abilities to stop air transfer in and out of your building. This is good news for both the energy efficiency of the building as well as the air quality. 

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Our installers are certified in accordance with the CAN/ULC s705.2 standard. If your spray foam contractor is unable to produce a certification card, they may not have the training required to install polyurethane spray foam insulation under building code. This could prompt a failed inspection. 
Eco Seal Spray Foam offers residential, commercial, and industrial insulation. Our qualified team insulates anything from rim joist and cantilevers to new build full house insulation packages. Our 2lb density foam is used in commercial construction and can be sprayed in metal shops and quonsets. These days you will spray foam insulation being applied anywhere that conventional insulation can be used and in many places it cannot. Our foam conforms to the shape of hard to insulate surfaces like pipes, tanks, and is often used to insulate cargo vans and  construction trailers.  



Eco Seal did a great job. Jacob was very knowledgable and professional. I'm really happy with the results.

Scott Redding


I had a fantastic experience with this spray foam company! Jacob was professional, efficient, and the quality of his work exceeded my expectations. From the initial consultation to the final installation, everything went smoothly. The insulation has made a noticeable difference in my home's comfort and energy efficiency. I highly recommend Eco Seal and their services to anyone in need of spray foam insulation. Great job!

Chris Edwards


Impressive service and quick installation. Our energy bills are noticeably lower. Highly recommend this spray foam company.

William Lockhart


Outstanding service, highly efficient, remarkable results. Best spray foam company around!

Harper Anderson



Our quotes are free! Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an estimator. We will visit your project and discuss what the best options are. 



Does spray foam leave a smell?
Properly applied spray foam insulation does not leave a smell. There are no detectable VOC’s after 24 hours. 
Can I do spray foam insulation myself?

No. Spray Foam must be applied by a 3rd party certified installer. Froth packs in hardware stores are not rated as insulation but fall under sealants in the building code. 

How much does spray foam cost?

The price of spray foam is based on the Rvalue you need and the amount of area that is being sprayed. 

Does my family need to be out of the house when the foam is being sprayed?

Yes. This is a requirement under a CAN/ULC standard for foam applicators. You must be out for 24 hours.